How-to…South Africa

How-To….. Earn Money as a Student in South Africa

Did you know that as a Student in South Africa you can make R 5000+ in easy simple way?

This is how-to So you are a student who seriously wants to make money on your spare time? Let’s go~.

  • Become an after-school or weekend tutor for that very subject.

But sometimes many student worry about being a tutor, due to shyness, feeling incapable or inadequate knowledge to tutor the subjects on demand.

Are you shy, not confident enough to tutor or not well qualified to teach the subject? Don’t worry!

  1. Get a bunch of few friends and start a focus group that tutors students in college or university
  2. You don’t have to be good in the subject, all you need is to find friends who are good on one subjects and have them do the work while you get paid
  3. Find out the most desired subjects that most students are not doing well in, make it the starter course.
  4. Set your schedule and start implement: For instance: If you tutor on Saturdays for 4-5 hours from 8am- 1pm and charge a monthly fee of R200, say you tutor 75 students with your friends then you will make R 5000 pm.
  5. Get a hall that are offered for free through inquiring from the SRC offices and kick off your weekend or after-school class
  6. Start earning smart cool dime. This is not what How-Africa writers are thinking, In fact using my methods you can make R 20 000+ per month.

Enjoy Earning and spend wisely!

Post submitted to How-to Africa by -Bhekie Mkhungo

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